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Technical Rescue Training and Equipment

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, for all the people you can, in all the places you can, for as long as you possibly can."

Minnesota Based Water, Ice and Rope Rescue Training

We Help Make Your Off-Road Rescues Safe & Efficient...

Because You Respond to Any and All Challenges

With proper training and tools, your team can perform All Terrain Technical Rescue (ATTR) functions with precision. Dan Bernardy and RESCUEPAX will train your teams on your most complicated rescue situations to NFPA standards, preparing them for...


  1. Water Rescue Training: learn surface and sub-surface rescue techniques suitable for standing, moving and swiftwater conditions.

  2. Ice/Frigid Water Rescue Training: potentially one of the most dangerous tasks that responders face; you will learn skills ranging from shore rescue to multiple victims with various water/ice rescue tools.

  3. Low/High Angle Rescue Training: acquire skills in rappelling, building anchor systems, mechanical advantage systems, and patient transport systems. Develop team skills for responding to vehicle mishaps in ravines, off ledges, or in any off road situation.

Do you have an off-road
incident waiting to happen?

RESCUEPAX provides PRACTICAL solutions to ATTR (All Terrain Technical Rescue) while integrating the most current technology and research on rescue techniques from around the world. We utilize "situational awareness" to teach skills necessary to safely affect technical rescues in environments ranging from simple over-the-bank situations to vertical cliff and structure rescues as well as water and ice rescues in all weather and terrain conditions.

RESCUEPAX offers a variety of in-water, shoreline, and tough terrain based training for rescue teams. All of our training includes a core of fundamental knowledge and skills, but we also tailor the course to your specific response priorities. The rescue training is pre-planned to your specific all terrain "worst case scenario". Highly trained instructors will survey the potential rescue scene, draw a practical solution in the form of an emergency action plan, develop the customized training curriculum, and return to present the classroom, tabletop, and practical training to your entire team.

By training in this manner, you are preparing your teams to the NFPA standards for awareness, operations, or technician level to properly execute rescues that have very diverse and complex challenges.

About Owner/Chief Instructor Dan Bernardy

Chief Instructor Bernardy stays busy running RESCUEPAX, an All Terrain Technical Rescue business he created providing customized technical training and equipment. Dan is also serving as a Training Officer for the Inver Grove Heights Fire Department.

Over the past decade, Daniel Bernardy has been the Deputy State Fire Marshal responsible for Public Fire and Life Safety Education and Juvenile Firesetter Intervention in Minnesota.

Mr. Bernardy is a former US Navy Flight Engineer who began his fire service career in 1986 and has served as both a career and volunteer firefighter/EMT, Captain, Training Officer and Public Fire and Life Safety Educator.

Dan shares his knowledge and passion at conferences and schools around the country, was honored as the 1996 Minnesota Firefighter of the Year, and is a recipient of the prestigious Congressional Fire Service Institute Award.

He is available for professional speaking engagements which will motivate and inspire your agency or team toward positive progress whatever the goals of your organization may be.